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All that you always wanted to know about yoga

“In my personal research I realized millions of people in the world suffer and create more and more complicated patterns of creating suffering for themselves and others without knowing the simple solutions and truths.
That is why here I am opening up and sharing myself with the world making myself available freely without any economical commitments to all of you to live and radiate the joy of life.
So that is the reason I want to reach out to people and stop creating more and more suffering.”

- Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Product Description
What is Yoga? Is it a set of controlled postures and bellowed breathing? It’s part of religious cults is’nt it?
What is meditation? How does sitting cross legged with eyes tightly shut produce any benefits? If anything it takes you out of reality is’nt it?
Why do addictions persist? Why do diseases persist? We know that cells die and regenerate, so why are memories retained?
I am always chasing targets and I am always under pressure to succeed. Where is time truly to be happy?
Nithyananda addresses these and other relevant questions that trouble our daily lives with his characteristic candor and simplicity
In this book collected from his talks to groups of professional bodies such as doctors in United States, he explains how to find happiness with in crowded professional and business day. He affirms that there need be no separation between material happiness and spiritual happiness