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Bhagavad Gita 1st Edition Chapter 12

“In my personal research I realized millions of people in the world suffer and create more and more complicated patterns of creating suffering for themselves and others without knowing the simple solutions and truths.
That is why here I am opening up and sharing myself with the world making myself available freely without any economical commitments to all of you to live and radiate the joy of life.
So that is the reason I want to reach out to people and stop creating more and more suffering.”

- Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Product Description

Q: Master, Krishna says, 'My devotee never perishes.' But if everything is God, what perishes really? Krishna makes it sound like his devotee does not perish and the rest do. Please explain and remove my doubt.

A: Understand, the moment you realize that you do not perish, you become a devotee of Krishna. There are no categories like Krishna's devotees and others, or that Krishna's devotees will not perish while others will. Whoever understands that he will not perish becomes Krishna's devotee automatically. The moment you understand this concept, you become his bhakta, his devotee. So be very clear, if you understand that everything is God, then nothing perishes.

Nithyananda talks on the 12th chapter of the Gita, traditionally called Yoga of Devotion. He gives it the title, 'Love is your very Life' and explains how unconditional love to one another is the way to reach God.