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Bhagavad Gita Digital Chapter 2

“In my personal research I realized millions of people in the world suffer and create more and more complicated patterns of creating suffering for themselves and others without knowing the simple solutions and truths.
That is why here I am opening up and sharing myself with the world making myself available freely without any economical commitments to all of you to live and radiate the joy of life.
So that is the reason I want to reach out to people and stop creating more and more suffering.”

- Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Product Description

Why don’t we find fulfillment even after years of working for success in the world? Even though we face and solve numerous challenges, why do more await us?

How do we cope with loss of loved ones? What happens to us after we die? How do we overcome the ultimate fear of death that influences every minute of our lives?

In a completely refreshing way , Nithyananda captures the essence of second chapter of BhagavadGita called Sankhya Yoga, transcendental knowledge, and answers these questions. Here Krishna describes the Self, and Nithyananda brings it to life with modern relevant interpretations.
With incisive clarity, he provides the answers that we need, and points us in the direction of our own enlightenment – the path of Self-discovery, just as Krishna, the Master of Masters leads Arjuna