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Guaranteed Solutions (French)

"J’ai réalisé, au cours de mes recherches, que des millions de personnes souffrent et créent de plus en plus de schémas compliqués qui les font souffrir eux et les autres, sans disposer de solutions ni de vérités toutes simples pour s'en sortir. C'est pourquoi je m'ouvre au monde entier, je me rends disponible et je m'offre à tous, sans contrepartie financière, afin que chacun dispose de clefs pour vivre et rayonner la joie de vivre. Je veux toucher le plus grand nombre afin de mettre fin au cycle de la souffrance sur terre."
Product Description

This book aims at bringing a radical understanding of your emotions. It introduces you to the vital Energy centers in your body called chakras, whose functioning has a direct bearing upon your physical and mental well-being. It explains the direct relationship between a particular emotion and its related chakra.

You will learn about the subtle ways in which the emotion affects your physical and mental health. You will understand that the debilitating emotion is a mere shadow without an object. Powerful meditation techniques are imparted to handle the emotion as well. You will get the understanding that it is possible to lead a life free from the power this emotion wields over you.

You will be helped to liberate yourself from the dilemmas of the mind and depression of your Being; to be free from the mental slavery that is keeping your spirit in bondage. You will create a space in you to flourish and reconnect with your inner core, with your true Self - which is beyond the body and the mind, which is pure and Eternal Bliss - Nithyananda!