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Nithyakatha I

“In my personal research I realized millions of people in the world suffer and create more and more complicated patterns of creating suffering for themselves and others without knowing the simple solutions and truths.
That is why here I am opening up and sharing myself with the world making myself available freely without any economical commitments to all of you to live and radiate the joy of life.
So that is the reason I want to reach out to people and stop creating more and more suffering.”

- Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Product Description

'Little Anandas.'
This is what Paramahamsa Nithyananda calls children.
Children are naturally blissful and close to existence.
The collection of stories in Nithyakatha entertains and delights the young and old alike. Yet they also bring to life the wisdom and teachings of India's Vedic culture and the gurukul education system delivered by enlightened masters for thousands of years

The puzzles and activities will engage the young at heart.
Working on them well.
Help the message of the stories sink deeper into their being.
Read the stories together. Laugh and have fun with them.
Discuss their meaning and how it applies to our daily life.

It is a space for complete growth to happen preparing the body and mind for a rich, integrated and blissful life.

Nithyakatha is for youngsters and their families. The stories are portable, short versions of the lessons and essential ideas necessary for a successful life.
Enjoy them again and again.

Allow their message to flower in you so that your being radiates:
Nithyananda - eternal bliss!